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About Only Me brand

Only Me is the largest consumer of extra class eco-fur in Russia.

Only Me - eco fur coat market leader in Russia

"Only Me" - a company from St. Petersburg, the world's first manufacturer of faux fur coats, equipped with modern thermal insulation. Production "Only Me" is made only in Russia, the company develops Russian production keeping high quality. The business has socially significant aspect: faux fur coats are an alternative to animal fur coats; company's products reduce demand for animal fur, reducing burden on the environment. At the moment, company's stores are open in 30 cities of the CIS, company is known abroad and is supported by such world organizations as PETA and IFAW (international fund for animal welfare).

Brand cooperated with popular animal rights activist Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson - American actress and model, sex symbol of the United States, one of the most famous women of our time. She is an Ambassador of the ecological community, a member of the Advisory Board of the international fund for animal welfare, a public figure, founder of Pamela Anderson foundation.

Worldwide recognition, social projects

Only Me is interested in implementation of socially significant international projects in the field of ecology. To create a potential base for working with our western partners and as a first step to establish informal relations with the leadership of the United States, company together with Pamela Anderson made a gift - a faux fur coat to the first lady of the United States - Melania Trump. As a result, we received positive feedback and a letter of thanks from the White house. According to CNN - after a gift from Only Me, the first lady of the United States Melania Trump refused to wear natural fur.

In Russia

Reasons to work with Only Me

The market of eco fur coats is still poorly represented and grows from year to year.
In shopping centers this kind of stores simply do not exist.

Low threshold of entry into business

Full organizational, documentary and legal support

Unique corporate identity and marketing program

You can buy franchise with a purchase from $10 000, taking into account a 45% discount from the price of the product on the website Only Me . There are no royalties or other payments.


By selling each product, we promote ethical fashion,
accelerating progress and indirectly saving lives of the animals

«WOW, they are really fabulous, and gorgeous and fantastic, and... Well, you get it 😉 The fur quality seems Great, the stitchwork, the lining , the closure hooks and the zipper also seem excellent. All honor to you for having created a fabulous product - for the first time ever I am actually looking forwards to winter. 😃»

Ane Thorkildson, the owner of the ethical shop BeTheICON, Norway



The Only Me collection includes jackets, coats, raincoats made of eco materials, but extremely popular are coats and vests made of exclusive eco fur.

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